as worked on a number of food and beverage projects in Beijing and Shanghai, including consulting for s▓uccessful brands such as O'Steak, Amandine, Enoterra, and April G

opean dishes,

they are few and fa▓r between, apart

ourmet.Bodensee Kitchen boasts an extensive menu. For drinks, there is a judiciously chosen selection of wines from Germany and Austria; German beer such as Bitburger draft b

from the high-

end ones in the five-star hote

eer, Weihenstephan wheat beer and Schofferhofer. For vegetarians, there are▓ Schlutzkrapfen, Austrian dumplings, which are stuffed ▓with chopped spinach, garlic and a coating o

ls. Including

drinks, I'd say the average cost

f▓ nutty parmesan. There is also a menu for children.Finally, a warning about the ample size of the dishes, which mean that this cozy Brauhaus-style eatery is well suited to families and friends dining together.Please scan the QR Code to▓ follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR


per per

son here


is 75 yuan ($


Code to follow us on WechatA popular exhibition highlighting Chin▓a's biggest achievements

is being held at the Beijing Exhibition Center from Sept. 26 t▓ill the end of November.Bei

jing exhibition cel▓ebrates China's achievements, showcases futureBeijing exhibition celebr

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